Everyone Should Learn From Pamela Anderson’s Daily Mantra

The actress and Sonsie Skincare cofounder shared her morning routine.
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson / Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson has always been an icon: from her Baywatch days and timeless personal style to writing her own memoir and starring in her own Netflix documentary, she does it all. The actress made headlines all over again last year when she went makeup-free during Paris Fashion Week (and again in multiple modeling campaigns, on red carpets, and at the Oscars after-party). While the 56-year-old appreciates makeup and knows the value in its creativity, her slew of glam-free looks silently inspired a generation of women to find comfort and confidence in their natural skin.

As Anderson is embracing this new phase of life, she is also romanticizing how she moves through the world, and that includes a mantra she repeats to herself each morning.

“I’m pushing boundaries more these days. An open heart is not the easy road, but the most profound… and rewarding,” she told Bustle. “Be brave, take risks, place your heart upon your sleeve, your hand upon your heart, repeat out loud as you look in the mirror: ‘I’m ready for love. My goal is to be myself as I’m pushed, pulled, and tempted by the world.’”

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The entrepreneur joined skincare line Sonsie Skin as a cofounder and co-owner in January. In a new Instagram reel, in honor of the brand’s first birthday, the mom of two shared her updated morning routine, using products from her luxurious, clean, carefully-curated collection.

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