Katie Austin’s Wellness Tips for Sparking Joy This Winter

The fitness instructor relies on these practices for her overall well-being during the cold months.
Katie Austin poses and smiles for the camera, sporting a soft wave in her dirty blonde hair.

Katie Austin.

There are a lot of aspects of the winter season that have us waiting in anticipation all year for its return (think holidays, the first snow and winter fashion). But, once the season has arrived, the cool weather, fewer hours of sunlight and the increased time indoors can take its toll on us all.

Thankfully, fitness instructor Katie Austin has some tips for those moments when you’re feeling low this season. In a post shared by her official fitness account, the 30-year-old listed her go-to methods for “spark[ing] joy this winter.”

The following practices, though simple, could be the means of bringing you comfort and happiness in times of hardship. Here are Austin’s tried-and-true methods.

Katie Austin’s winter wellness tips

  1. Take a bath
  2. Movie marathon
  3. One-pan dinners
  4. Daily morning stretch
  5. Decorate for the holidays
  6. Fifteen-minute yoga flow
  7. Read a new book
  8. Warm cup of tea
  9. Light a candle

“If you feel down in the winter.. you’re not alone,” she wrote in the caption. “Less sunlight and shorter days are thought to be linked to a chemical change in the brain. Make sure you’re taking time for yourself and doing things that warm your heart!”

Austin’s fitness app is replete with similarly helpful health and wellness tips for promoting a happy and full lifestyle. If you’re looking for more ways to get active and promote your own well-being in the New Year, be sure to check out her platform, where you will find realistic and versatile workouts and recipes for everyday. Memberships start at $9.99 per month.

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