Watch: Jennifer Coolidge and e.l.f Cosmetics Make Their Super Bowl Commercial Debut

The Golden Globe winner transformed into her ‘dream role’ in the hilarious new ad.
Jennifer Coolidge.

Jennifer Coolidge.

Hot off the heels of a Golden Globe win for her iconic performance in The White Lotus, Jennifer Coolidge is making her Big Game commercial debut.

e.l.f. Cosmetics has partnered with the 61-year-old for the brand’s first Super Bowl ad, promoting the fan-favorite and TikTok-viral Power Grip Primer ($10).

The teaser video began with the Legally Blonde actress receiving a package from the cosmetics company. “I love presents,” she said, before opening up a card that read, “get ready for prime time, love your super fans at e.l.f.”

Coolidge patted the products into her skin, on top of her makeup, despite it being meant for pre-makeup-application.

“Oh my gosh,” she said, her jaw dropping. “It looks like I came from the sea. I look like a dolphin... like a baby dolphin.”

And in perfect weird Coolidge fashion, she looked at herself in the mirror, smiled and began making dolphin noises.

In an interview in with Access Hollywood on the same night as her fabulous Golden Globe victory and speech, the Critics’ Choice Award winner was asked what her dream role was.

“I’ve always wanted to play a dolphin,” she shared.

It looks like Coolidge’s dream came true. The “Jennaisance” is underway.

The A Cinderella Story alumna later said she didn’t expect for that moment to go viral.

“I just wanted to say something broad. And just dolphin, dolphin fits everything,” she said to People, adding how excited she was about her Super Bowl debut. “To be one of the small moments in between the Big Game that’s going on is just so flattering. And I’m in such good company. There are so many high-quality commercials being made in this very limited time.”

Coolidge said that she studied cosmetology before pursuing acting and has always been into makeup.

“It’s the perfect fit because I don’t think makeup and skincare should be so incredibly expensive that girls are having to skip meals so they can buy this stuff,” she continued about her new partnership with the brand. “The greatest gift about e.l.f. beyond that it’s cruelty-free is that it’s more affordable than other lines. I’ve had my e.l.f. makeup brushes forever. They’re well made, the right price point and the longevity e.l.f. products have is unbelievable.”

Mike White, director of The White Lotus, the HBO show that Coolidge said “changed my life,” had a hand in writing the script of the e.l.f commercial.

White and Coolidge formed a great personal and professional relationship, which she dished about on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Coolidge revealed that the role of Tanya McQuoid was written specifically for her after White experienced a very “unedited version” of her during a trip to Tanzania.

“He was looking for a crazy lady to play [Tanya],” the Emmy Award-winner explained. “It would have gone differently if someone else would have gotten this part, but I think he was sort of amused by how strange I was on the trip.”

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