On World Mental Health Day, Ellie Thumann Declares Her Appreciation for Her Therapist

The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie’s Instagram post is full of recent scenes that have made her smile.
Ellie Thumann smiles in a purple beaded dress and a slicked-back ponytail.

Ellie Thumann. 

Over the past month, model and social media influencer Ellie Thumann has been admirably honest about her struggles with anxiety during New York Fashion Week and, more generally, the month of September. Now, heading into her favorite season of the year, she is making a renewed effort to lift herself out of the mental rut that she found herself in.

Thumann’s daily practices have included minimizing caffeine, increasing movement and going to doctor’s appointments, among other things. Overall, she has sought a return to routine in order to boost her mood.

In line with her recent candor, on World Mental Health Day, Thumann took to Instagram to share a sweet, concise message of appreciation for therapy. The post featured scenes from recent weeks that have brought the 21-year-old joy, including time with friends and family, as well as trip to the pumpkin patch. In one slide, Thumann sat in front of a delicious-looking breakfast in a black T-shirt that read “I love my therapist,” a fitting message for the day. 

“I <3 my therapist,” she reiterated in the caption of the Oct. 10 post. For Thumann, in addition to a return to routine, opening up about her various struggles has been super important for her mental health in recent weeks.

Sharing her anxieties with her following may have been difficult, but it’s certainly commendable. Through her honesty, she is helping push the mental health conversation forward. Thumann’s most recent post was only the latest positive message from the influencer in recent weeks, but a very important one given the significance of the day.

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Martha Zaytoun


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